My Favorite Libraries

Seeing as there are a metric ton of libraries to use for various categories and purposes, I tend to forget the ones I’m currently enjoying / find interesting / like to use.
With that in mind, I’ve created this list of items I’ll try to keep updated so myself
LiveJournal Tags: ,,,,,,,, and others can find them, try them, and add them to their own favorites lists.
This list is organized by platform / language (some platforms such as .NET or Java can be shared among languages).
.NETInflector.NET – GithubNugetmono-curses SSHDevugger Orleans Perspex MvvmCross CoreTweet Encog.NET – Machine learning for .NET (CUDA enhanced!) Nowin KestrelHttpServer Eto SolrNet Ferop – Allows inline C/C++ to compile and run on Windows / Linux / OSX C#-Specificlanguage-ext options – Add Option type to C# (say goodbye to NullReferenceExceptions) F#-Specific I’ll try organizing these into some sort of sensible manner eventua…

Realtek HD Audio Conflicts with NVIDIA HD Audio Drivers

The Problem
For the past few weeks, I’ve been having issues with my audio driver for my Lenovo Y510P mysteriously closing one application using the audio device and opening another, the newly opened program wouldn’t even return an error! It would simply stall. Opening the Audio Devices window, trying to disable then re-enable the device, the response would be This audio device is currently being used by another application. For some time, the only solution I could find was simply to restart the computer.

Needless to say, this was absolutely unacceptable (as a long-time Unix-type systems user, the whole concept of having to restart a computer due to a driver issue is, has been, and always will be absolutely absurd. Although this is a Windows system, restarting services can and will work in many cases to free those odd “hung-up” states). As a developer, this can be a very frustrating thing, since many coders rely on audio for various reasons, one of which is listening to music or ambie…


I've been quite busy (over 16.5 hours coding binge these past two days, if that's any indication...), so no new posts as of yet. I'll be experimenting with the new additions to the RStudio and RapidMiner additions as soon as free time permits. Keep an eye on this blog, as I may have some interesting things to post about; or not, we'll see. I've decided my examples will be including CSV tables for you to experiment with, if the example doesn't already pull from a known public database. Stand by... Things might be picking up again soon with more free time.

New Logo

April Sadowski was generous to help me make a gorgeous new logo (my old one was horrid).

She also worked up some gorgeous biz cards (which I need to print up) Thanks a bundle, for the fifth time, April!

See more of her wonderful work.

RStudio 0.93 Beta Available

In case you miseed, 0.93 Beta of RStudio is released! A good set of fixes, including vignette() (sorry edit() not compatible yet). The panel layout is fully customizable, and there are a load of bug fixes.

See the Release Notes for more info.

RStudio 0.92.44 Release: Try It! You’ll Be Surprised!

I recently downloaded RStudio’s v0.92.44 release, and, I must say, it’s light! I think I could even run it on a netbook, which is great for analysis on-the-go. I’ll likely uninstall Eclipse-StatET at this point and go with RStudio. Not only is it light, but the layout and features are exactly what I wanted from an R app. Here’s a screen shot (click for full size) (FIXED):

If you haven’t given this a try, I highly recommend you do. It runs on all popular platforms, and uses the Qt widget library. Although I’m not a fanboy of Qt, this is one case where Qt seems to really shine.
RStudio can be downloaded here.