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My Favorite Libraries

Seeing as there are a metric ton of libraries to use for various categories and purposes, I tend to forget the ones I’m currently enjoying / find interesting / like to use.
With that in mind, I’ve created this list of items I’ll try to keep updated so myself
LiveJournal Tags: ,,,,,,,, and others can find them, try them, and add them to their own favorites lists.
This list is organized by platform / language (some platforms such as .NET or Java can be shared among languages).
.NETInflector.NET – GithubNugetmono-curses SSHDevugger Orleans Perspex MvvmCross CoreTweet Encog.NET – Machine learning for .NET (CUDA enhanced!) Nowin KestrelHttpServer Eto SolrNet Ferop – Allows inline C/C++ to compile and run on Windows / Linux / OSX C#-Specificlanguage-ext options – Add Option type to C# (say goodbye to NullReferenceExceptions) F#-Specific I’ll try organizing these into some sort of sensible manner eventua…