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New Logo

April Sadowski was generous to help me make a gorgeous new logo (my old one was horrid).

She also worked up some gorgeous biz cards (which I need to print up) Thanks a bundle, for the fifth time, April!

See more of her wonderful work.

RStudio 0.93 Beta Available

In case you miseed, 0.93 Beta of RStudio is released! A good set of fixes, including vignette() (sorry edit() not compatible yet). The panel layout is fully customizable, and there are a load of bug fixes.

See the Release Notes for more info.

RStudio 0.92.44 Release: Try It! You’ll Be Surprised!

I recently downloaded RStudio’s v0.92.44 release, and, I must say, it’s light! I think I could even run it on a netbook, which is great for analysis on-the-go. I’ll likely uninstall Eclipse-StatET at this point and go with RStudio. Not only is it light, but the layout and features are exactly what I wanted from an R app. Here’s a screen shot (click for full size) (FIXED):

If you haven’t given this a try, I highly recommend you do. It runs on all popular platforms, and uses the Qt widget library. Although I’m not a fanboy of Qt, this is one case where Qt seems to really shine.
RStudio can be downloaded here.

Consuming RdotNET

In my explorations with R, Mathematica, FreeMat, MatLab, and RapidMiner (now with R support! Yay!), I’m seeing integration of R to be quite useful in building a trading app, as technical analysis is one of R’s fortés. For the sake of brevity, I’m including comments in the code instead of using paragraphs…use the source, Luke.

R, the DJIA, and M1 Money Multiplier (MULT)

Description:My explorations with the FRED (St Louis Financial Reserve Database) in R have yielded some interesting plots, charts and graphs. And some questions…